Gummy Bear Clear | Jason Freeny

$ 44.00

This exciting 3D Gummy Bear Anatomy Puzzle by Jason Freeny is a scientifically-accurate model of gummy bear's insides that will enlighten and brighten anyone's day.

5"w x 4"d x 8"h

Jason Freeny is a New York-based artist, specializing in anatomical toy sculptures and computer-generated imagery. For his sculptures, he chooses novelty toys and creates a system of organs and bones using sculpted foam. On the process of choosing his subjects, he explains.  When it comes to the anatomies, I do like to choose toys that are popular or have a significance to me. But ultimately, I like to see a toy that will produce a very interesting anatomy.  Mr. Freeny explains that it is the juxtaposition of childlike toys and characters with something as complex and technical as the anatomy that inspires him to craft his creations.