Bead by Bead: The MonkeyBiz Story

$ 28.95

"Bead by Bead: Reviving An Ancient African Tradition: The MonkeyBiz Bead Project"

Paperback book by Barbara Jackson and Kristy Evans

Bead by Bead showcases the funky, innovative, and visually stunning bead art created by the women of MonkeyBiz, a uniquely successful grassroots project that employs disadvantaged women and provides them with useful skills training and support. The project employs 450 women from around Cape Town and serves as a model for nongovernmental organizations and individuals who wish to harness creativity to create employment and empowerment.

Since its inception, Monkeybiz beaded art has been taking the world by storm, wherever they appear! The bead artists produce quirky, one-of-a-kind bead art pieces suffused with the vivid colours, textures, stories and expressions from the townships of Cape Town - African culture is at its uninhibited best.


Their unique bead creations do not aspire to ‘high art’ nor lend themselves to intellectual responses, but simply reflect the life experience and reality of each artist. The Monkeybiz diversity finds expression in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

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