About Us

Our Name

Sometimes an idea comes out of the clear blue… as did "Hunting With Jake". From the B-side grooves of a crackly old Jimmy Dean 45 we first heard the tale of earnest Jake & his pack of hounds, his high hopes for a springtime hunt in the mountains & his disappointment when Jimmy refuses his hunting request in favor of " chasin' wimmin".  Well, we love Jimmy, but felt bad for old Jake and thought that given the option, we'd choose to go hunting with him… and so we are and invite you along! 

We hope Hunting With Jake, like its inspiration, is an honest expression, a remnant of the past and a celebration of tradition with a wink of humor.


Our Store

Click here for a virtual tour of our Brooklyn shop!


In October of 2014 Hunting With Jake opened on Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue and for over three years provided inspiration, unique goods and thoughtful service to the Boreum Hill neighborhood. Our cozy shop was a carefully selected assortment of vintage and antique finds mixed with new and unique wares.  We loved working with both local and distant designers & makers to create our offering of jewelry, personal accessories, tabletop, furniture, lighting, home goods, gifts and apothecary. Our brick-and-mortar store closed at the end of January of 2018.  We miss the face-to-face interaction and we thank everyone who supported the shop!  

We continue to travel the country in search of vintage treasure to offer online.  Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch and see what's new...


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